Embrace chaos. Seek patterns.

My name is Shan Oran Liu. I am an experience designer. 

I like studying systems (marketplaceant colony, or even sewage system) and how they evolve. This passion came from observing my mother at work in city planning. I learned that oftentimes the best system planning decisions come from a deep understanding of local cultures, collaboration, and negotiation. This insight translated naturally in experience design, which eventually became my profession.

In the past 8 years, I had the honor to work on a variety of art and design projects with companies like The Jim Henson Company, Beats by Dre, National Art Museum of China, Snarkitecture; and with artists like Pharrell Williams and Daniel Arsham. 

Most recently I worked as a product designer at AdvisorEngine in downtown Manhattan, designing for a wide range of touch points in financial advising. Besides that, I also lead a thought leadership workshop that taught wealth management executives about Customer Experience.

I constantly seek out people and teams with a strong sense of purpose. If what you've seen here made you smile and want to grab a cup of tea, drop me a line at oranliu@gmail.com